Increased conversion rate

According to Responsetap.com, including a phone number on your web store’s pages will more than double your conversion rate on all platforms. On mobile, the conversion rate will increase from 0.4% without a visible phone number to 1.3% with a visible phone number.

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Return customers

If customers experience world-class customer service they will come back, not once, not twice but over and over again! Returning customers are the core of any business, but they will only stay if you provide a high-quality service, and that’s where the phone comes in.


Online reviews

Online reviews are beginning to have an even greater impact on e-commerce. We know that customers with a bad experience are 10 times more likely to leave reviews, so it’s best to solve their issues as quickly as possible. This often means being available instantly and for this, telephony is the best channel.

Integrated with your e-commerce platform

Firma delivers telephony that is integrated with your e-commerce platform. This lets your customer service team automatically see a customer’s orders when they call you, even before they pick up the phone.

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Measure and react to customer service

Firma lets you measure your customer service satisfaction. This enables you to react quickly when the quality is below the level it should be. Our customer satisfaction tool gives the customer a voice, the manager an overview and the employee a pat on the back when they have done good work.

Look like the professional you are

With Firma, your clients are never left on the line with a ringing phone and nobody to answer it. You can set up opening hours and no-answer flows, so your clients are correctly informed and never left waiting for nobody.
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