Keep moving

Firma is a virtual phone system, which means that you don't need a landline or a magic black box in the office. All you need is your mobile in your pocket and a Firma account, and you are ready to take calls from your customers anywhere.


but still available

Firma lets you and your co-workers be available for your clients and always easy to reach, but we also know that sometimes you don't have time to answer the phone. That’s why our system can divert calls to your co-workers when you don’t have time.


and professional

Being professional is one of the most important things for your business, so you need to look and feel like the professional you are. With greetings, opening hours and on-hold music, your business will look like it should, professional.

Opening hours

With Firma, it's easy to set up opening hours so that you don’t get calls when you are closed and at the same time you can inform your customers about when they can reach you, without any problems. It only requires a few clicks.
Hunt groups

Never miss a call

When you are busy, your co-workers can help you out. Firma will automatically redirect calls that have not been answered to the next employee, so your customers will always be able to reach you!

Transfer calls

Let your receptionist answer all your calls from clients and transfer them to you while the client waits, even if you are only on your mobile. And we don’t charge for the minuts or transfers! 


Try Firma 30 days for free

We know that it's hard to make decisions, and even harder when they are important business decisions. That’s why we will let you try Firma free for 30 days. There is no need to find your credit card, and no need to be scared of what happens if you forget about the account, we just delete it. Try it out. All that will happen is you will become more happy, we hope!

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