Return customers

If customers experience world-class customer service they will come back, not once, not twice but over and over again! Returning customers are the core of any business, but they will only stay if you provide a high-quality service, and that’s where the phone comes in.

Powerful yet simple

Firma has all the powerful features you need to run your customer service centre, but crafted with love for simplicity and ease of use.

No need for IT

With Firma you don't need to wait for your IT department to change how your telephony works, to add or remove an employee or for any other technical job that needs to be done. You can do everything yourself.

Deliver the best service ever

Firma will help you and your team deliver the best customer experience ever. Our built-in tools will change the way you deliver and measure customer service.

Measure your customer satisfaction

Firma helps you measure your customer satisfaction and enables you to praise great employees, coach those who need help and ensure overall quality in real time.

Keep an eye on your KPIs

Firma lets you keep an eye on your KPIs with the wallboard. Place it in your office and your entire team can see if you are delivering the service you promised your customers.