Live calls

When one of your customer service reps receives a call, Firma automatically displays information about the caller. This helps your team members stay up to date and prepared to provide a personal experience.

Transfer calls

Your team members can easily transfer calls between each other using our website, our app or with an extension, to give the client at the other end of the call a great experience.

Employee status

It's super easy to know if a team member is ready to take a call, if they are in “do not disturb” mode or if they are already on the phone. Group and employee statuses are available throughout our website and app.

Collaborative voicemail

Your entire team can work together and answer your company’s voicemail messages in no time. Voicemail is accessible both through the web and the app, which allows you to call someone back quickly.

Do not disturb

When you are in a meeting, away from your desk or on a break, you don't want to receive calls on your main number. With our “do not disturb” feature, it is quick and simple for you to check in and out.
Firma API

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