Redirect calls

You can redirect calls made to your main number to your mobile or landline phone automatically. There is no need to get a new phone, as it’s just plug and play.

On-hold music

While a customer is waiting for you to answer the phone, they will hear a ringtone or music from one of our four categories of on-hold music.

Opening hours

Don’t you just hate being disturbed when you have some valuable spare time? With the opening hours function, you can set up a system that fits your business and your clients.

Phone menus

Greet your clients with a welcome message and let them choose which department in your company they wish to be connected to.


If you don’t have time to answer the phone, you can let calls go to a shared voicemail so your entire team can collaborate on answering client calls.


Greet your clients with a professional voice prompt that reassures them that they have called the right number, sets an expectation for the answer time and makes you look professional.

Multiple main numbers

You can have as many main numbers as you wish. You want a dedicated number for support? No problem! A dedicated number for your German clients? No problem! Each main number can have its own configuration.

No answer

Firma can help you if you don’t have time to answer the phone. Our advanced system lets you configure how you want your calls to be forwarded, such as to a new call group, to voicemail or maybe to a particular employee.

Call groups

You can create a group of employees who will all receive a call at the same time. In that way there are more of you to help the customers with their questions or orders.

Phone chain

A phone chain lets you define which employees or call groups should get a call first, followed by a chain of recipients.

Works with all phones

Firma Switch just redirects calls to your mobile or other telephony providers. We act as a cloud in front of your phones.

Automatic lunch break

Does your business close down for lunch or are you open extra hours some evenings? Firma lets you set up flexible opening hours.

Redirect calls

Firma makes it easy to redirect calls to co-workers and groups. You can do so with one click from our website, app or directly on your phone with phone extensions.

Call logs

Our call history is always updated in real time, giving you an overview of the calls you have received.

Employee status

We keep an up-to-date status on all your employees and groups, which shows whether they are speaking with clients or don't want to be disturbed.

Do not disturb

With Do not Disturb, employees can define a period of time when they don’t want to be disturbed by calls, e.g. meeting, lunch or a break. They will automatically receive calls after the defined period.

Text your co-workers

Is there a visitor for one of your co-workers at the front door? Let them know with a text directly from Firma.

Join call groups

Employees can always help co-workers out by joining or leaving call groups.


You can integrate other systems with Firma. This lets you display information from your e-commerce platform or another system when you receive a call.

Live calls

The live screen shows up-to-date and relevant information about an ongoing call, so you can give the client the best possible experience.


Leave notes about a client to let your co-workers know what you talked about. The notes are available to your entire team the next time the client calls.


Our wallboard shows real-time metrics for your customer service.

Customer Satisfaction

Measure your customer satisfaction score and collect feedback from your clients right after a call ends.

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