How Firma works


Receive calls

When a client calls your company's main number, we will forward the call to you or one of your team members. You can receive a call on anything from a landline to a mobile phone.


Easy set-up

You can set up Firma the way you want. You can have greetings, opening hours, voicemail etc. We give you the power to control your telephony without the need for technical skills.


Flexible terms

Sign up, terminate, add employees or remove employees. You can change your account set-up any time you want. There is no contract and no fees, just a fair price per employee.

Works with any mobile phone

We will connect calls to any mobile phone or landline you already own. You can use your personal, business or any other type of mobile subscription from any provider.

Keep your existing number

You can always keep your existing main number by moving it from your current provider to us. Expect this to take 5-10 business days, but we will help you all the way.


We have been in business since 2009 and more than 2,700 companies use our product every day for their business. We have built a secure, stable and scalable platform that will keep you in business.