What is a queue?

Last updated: 27-Aug-2015 13:53:45

A call queue enables you to handle lots of calls with only a few resources. When a client calls, they will be given a notice about their place (number) in the queue and they will be placed on hold until it’s their turn. They will receive repeat announcements about their position in the queue.

Like with a hunt group, you can configure employees and call groups to answer the calls, but unlike a call group, the queue will expand the target employees and groups it tries to call instead of jumping to the next responder in the call group like the hunt group does; this will expand the number of employees that will be offered the call and will reduce the waiting time for callers.

Call flows in call queue

When you receive calls through a call queue, you can select between two call flows:

Call all: Calls all employees in call groups etc. at the same time.

One at the time: Calls the employee with the longest wait time since the last call. If that employee doesn’t pick up the call, it will continue on to the next longest wait time, etc.



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