Can I transfer a call when I am talking to a client?

Last updated: 27-Aug-2015 13:58:41

Yes you can.

You can transfer calls using our back office or using extensions.

How to transfer calls with the back office

Log in to Firma. When you have an ongoing call, you will see it displayed in the left-side panel. To transfer the call, use the search box below to find the employee you wish to transfer the call to. Click on the employee and press the green “Transfer call” button.

The client will now be placed on hold and your colleague’s phone will start ringing. You will be connected to your colleague when they pick up the phone, this gives you the chance to brief them about the client, etc.

You will now have a choice between two buttons: one to complete the call transfer to your colleague and one to pull back the call.

If you click “Complete transfer”, you will end your part of the call and connect your colleague with the client.

If you click “Pull back call”, you will end your colleagues part of the call and will be reconnected with the client.

How to transfer calls with extensions

Extensions are first defined in the back office; you can assign extensions to both employees and call groups.

To transfer a call to an extension, press * EXTENSION # in the ongoing call.

As soon as you press *, the client will be put on hold. As soon as you have pressed # (after the extension), we will start ringing your colleague. When they pick up the call, you can brief them about the client. If you wish to connect your colleague with the client, simply hang up. If your colleague is not able to talk to the client, they can simply hang up and you will be reconnected with the client.

You can always press # to pull the call back if your colleague doesn’t answer.


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