Why phone support is important in e-commerce

By Niklas Stephenson | 24-Apr-2015 15:05:00


E-commerce enables people to shop from the comfort of their living rooms, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to interact with humans. According to Harris Interactive, 54% of people surveyed want to experience some kind of human interaction before they complete a purchase. A pure e-commerce store with no human interaction is like walking into a physical store without any staff—if you don’t see anyone as you walk through the aisles, your trust in the store is gone.

If you placed a staff member in the store, the trust would increase because customers could ask someone questions about products, prices, etc. But how can you add a human presence to an online store? The answer is simple: display a phone number “above the fold” on every page of your webstore.

Is a phone number enough?

According to, including a phone number on your webstore’s pages will more than double your conversion rate on all platforms, on mobile conversion rate is going from 0.4% without a visible phone number to 1.3% with a visible phone number.

I am sure that more value can be obtained by implementing phone support into e-commerce. Every time you give a client a great experience, they tend to spend more money, give you repeat business, refer more friends and leave more reviews. All these things are vital to your store’s success.

Implementing phone support can be intimidating, but it’s easy to give clients a fantastic experience.

Basic tips and tricks

  1. Be clear about on how customers can contact you by providing information on what channels of communication are available and when they are open.
  2. Always answer the phone quickly! This is one of the most important things you can do when clients call you!
  3. Give customers the same professional experience on the phone as they would expect online. Use a welcome message, have hold music, speak in a professional tone, provide automated opening hours and set up voicemail.
  4. Always keep your promises. If you tell a client you will call them back in 10 minutes, do it!
  5. Smile. It sounds weird, but when you smile while you talk on the phone, customers can hear it in your tone of voice!
  6. Never work on other tasks when you are on the phone. The client on the other end of the line will be able to tell that you are not fully focusing on them.

We have extensive experience with phone support, and our product will help you with a lot of the basics. We would love to include you in our beta test!

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