7 ways to use Firma to deliver fantastic customer service

By Niklas Stephenson | 13-Aug-2015 15:11:00


A great dialogue with a client on the phone requires working technology. At the core, this is what Firma delivers, but Firma is also a lot more than a phone system. We have tailored our product to help companies deliver the best possible customer experience by phone. I have listed below seven ways that Firma can help you to deliver fantastic customer service, but this is just the beginning, we can do much more!

1. You get an important customer service channel

There is a clear trend that shows that customers buy more if they can see that it’s easy to contact you, and the phone drives higher trust than other channels. If you don’t have any contact channels or only channels with low trust (like email), you can lose sales, it’s that simple.
You can even build trust just by using our widget on your website. The widget will show your phone number, opening hours and how fast you answered your last customer service call.

2. Flexible in setting up employees

If you experience periods when your phone lines are extra busy (like Christmas), then you can add employees to Firma with just a few clicks. In no time, you can double your team on the phone without any hassle. And the best part? We don’t bind you in a contract, so you can always delete them again and you will stop paying for them.

3. You can answer clients fast

It should be no surprise that a fast answer is super important. But how do you ensure that you answer the phone fast enough? How do you do so when you are not always at your desk or doing other work that also needs to be done?

When a client calls your main number, you will receive the call on your mobile phone, so no matter where you are, you can take it. This is much better than having a landline ringing on your empty desk!
If you are unable to answer the phone, you can set your status to “Do not disturb”. Firma will skip you and redirect the call to one of your colleagues, automatically!

4. Greet your customers with a professional welcome

In Firma, you can set up welcome messages that will get played to your customers as soon as they dial your number. This lets them know that they have dialled the right number and gives them the feeling of calling a professional company right from the start.

5. Know who is calling, and maybe why

Firma will automatically give you information about the client calling you, even before you receive the call! We can show previous calls, the last person they talked to, notes etc. This will help you to deliver a much more personal and quicker experience that will increase customer satisfaction.

6. Integrate with other tools

Like our ability to show previous calls, notes etc., we can also display information from the other systems you use. If you are running a web shop, we can show the client’s open orders, and also emails and customer service cases from Zendesk. You can even build your own integrations to a custom-made platform.

7. Measure your customer service satisfaction

How do you know that all your efforts are working? How do you get to know the areas that need improvement? In Firma, we have built in a feedback loop with our simple Customer Service Satisfaction rating. When a call ends, we send a text to the client (in your name), asking them to rate the experience they just had with you. This gives you feedback to work with, and gives the clients an opportunity to tell you if they think there is room for improvement. It’s also always fantastic to get positive feedback! A true morale booster!

This is just a small list of the features we have built to help you improve customer service. There are more and plenty to come!

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