7 ways to use Firma to deliver fantastic customer service

af Niklas Stephenson | 13-Aug-2015 15:11:00

A great dialogue with a client on the phone requires working technology. At the core, this is what Firma delivers, but Firma is also a lot more than a phone system. We have tailored our product to help companies deliver the best possible customer experience by phone. I have listed below seven ways that Firma can help you to deliver fantastic customer service, but this is just the beginning, we can do much more!

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5 Things You Should Never Say in Customer Service

af Niklas Stephenson | 29-Jun-2015 14:52:00

Do you want to avoid making catastrophic errors when talking to clients? Help is here! Below is a list of five things you should never say to a client and suggestions for what to say instead.

1. “I don’t know”
This phrase leaves your client wondering, “Well, who does know, and how can I get my problem solved?”

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The three biggest mistakes in customer service

af Niklas Stephenson | 27-May-2015 18:51:00


We have examined why clients are unhappy with the service they receive and learned that on average, you can improve your customer satisfaction by up to 50% by changing three small things.

In this study, we looked at all the negative comments our clients have received through our customer satisfaction tool. The study is based on data our system has collected on behalf of our customers. Their clients receive a text after completing a call with their customer service. The text asks them to rate the service they just experienced and allows them add a comment if they wish. This study is based on 930 negative reviews that included a comment.

The chart below shows all the categories of negative feedback. The three biggest categories are the following:

1. Hard-to-reach customer service

Of all the negative reviews, 22% were left because the client couldn't reach customer service. This represents clients who need help but can’t reach you!

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Customer service tools

af Niklas Stephenson | 07-May-2015 18:44:00

When running a customer service department, one of the most important things you should do is empower your team members to make decisions, even if they are hard ones. Should the client be refunded? Should they get a discount? Should we exchange the product for a new one? These are all hard questions that at most companies require an answer from a manager.

When your customer service rep has to talk to a manager about these questions, the client’s trust in the dialog with your company takes a big hit. Why are you, as the manager, better informed than your employee to make these decisions? You have not been talking to the client, and you don't know all the details of the situation. More importantly, this policy can make your employee feel as though you don't trust him or her to make the decision. This leads to a bad customer service experience and an unhappy employee.

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Why phone support is important in e-commerce

af Niklas Stephenson | 24-Apr-2015 15:05:00

E-commerce enables people to shop from the comfort of their living rooms, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to interact with humans. According to Harris Interactive, 54% of people surveyed want to experience some kind of human interaction before they complete a purchase. A pure e-commerce store with no human interaction is like walking into a physical store without any staff—if you don’t see anyone as you walk through the aisles, your trust in the store is gone.

If you placed a staff member in the store, the trust would increase because customers could ask someone questions about products, prices, etc. But how can you add a human presence to an online store? The answer is simple: display a phone number “above the fold” on every page of your webstore.

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